Voice Control For Anki Cozmo

Voice Control For Anki Cozmo

Voice Control For Anki Cozmo

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Cozmo voice recognition Android application

Cozmo Voice Control is an application that allows you to control your Anki Cozmo robot with your voice. You can control the drives of wheels, head and lift. You can also ask for Cozmo to raise a cube.

How to use

• Start this app,
• Start Cozmo app and go to SDK mode,
• Within a few seconds you will hear as Cozmo robot will tell "Hi, I'm listening",
• Now you can speak commands.

To return in normal mode of Cozmo app, just press the "Disable SDK".

Currently supports only US English and Russian recognition languages.

The voice recognition happens in the phone. The built-in speech recognizer is based on Pocketsphinx by the CMU Sphinx project (http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/).